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Why You Should Buy Your Real Estate and How You Can Do It, NOW!

Published on December 28, 2011

You are managing your business every day and hopefully, as you read this you have mapped out your profit plan for 2012.  Based on last year’s performance you should have a good estimate and roadmap showing what to expect this upcoming year in terms of sales, profit, assets, and equity. If you don’t, you should […]

Become an Industry Thought Leader: Nominate Yourself for Universal Companies’ Advisory Board!

Published on December 20, 2011

Are you one of those people who like to get your hands on the latest and greatest? If you are a current customer of Universal Companies and operate a spa or consulting firm, you could be chosen as a member of Universal Companies’ first ever customer Advisory Board. The Universal Companies’ Advisory Board is a […]

Staff Contracts, Agreements & Promises

Published on December 16, 2011

Think It… Ink It… And Get It Signed. The number one de-motivator in the world of work is not knowing what is expected. Ideally, your Staff Contracts should be in place before you begin recruiting. BUT if you are an existing business, it’s never too late to introduce these important documents. The spa that has […]

Ajune Medical Spa to Close on December 28

Published on December 14, 2011

I love the train. Perhaps it is because growing up I took the Swiss train regularly. Always on time (not a myth, one second late and you miss it), always clean (also not a myth), it wound through the mountains slowly but surely and brought me to my Nona, to the ski slopes, to Bern. […]

DIY Mini Business Audit–Abbreviated Version

Published on December 13, 2011

Objective:  Do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t.  Once you have done this mini audit, strive to sell top tier products and services by your top tier spa professionals, during your peak hours of business.  1.  Examine Staff Compensation If you’re seeing red, the first place you need to go is your Cost […]

PBA’s Salon & Spa Performance Index Hits Two-Year Low

Published on December 12, 2011

Don’t shoot the messenger, but spas and salons are continuing to struggle in the current economy. According to the latest research by The Professional Beauty Association (PBA), the current outlook and future expectations for the salon and spa industry have declined throughout 2011. “The trend results from our Salon & Spa Performance Index (SSPI) are […]

Creating a Wellness Spa: Easier Said Than Done?

Published on December 9, 2011

It seems that everywhere I look; I see “wellness” and “integrative medicine” listed as top spa trends. Consumers across the globe are seeking a holistic spa experience that addresses mind, body and spirit. This is good news as far as I’m concerned, but I can’t help but think of the difficulties day spa owners may […]

Front Desk Intelligence

Published on December 7, 2011

If you keep hiring more and more of the same kinds of receptionists; the same ways you always have; with the same sad results; maybe now is the time to do things differently. Re-vamp your “Recipe for a Receptionist” to:  One part “spa-like + One part “social-ite” + Two parts “sales-type” In other words, a […]

Seasonal Priorities for the Savvy Spa Director

Published on December 5, 2011

Yes, the holidays are upon us. If you believe the business pundits, this year is going to be “disappointing.” If you make your own weather, you could have the best holiday sales season ever. Create a gift card sales incentive that doesn’t reduce actual gift card sales (See: Discount, above!) Last year we offered a […]

SEO: Why It’s Critical to Your Spa Website Success, Part II

Published on December 2, 2011

Jennifer Dickens My last post defined search engine optimization (SEO) and some of the important aspects that “perfectly optimized” web pages incorporate. This post will discuss SEO best practices. Many website designers are not trained in search engine optimization nor are they website developers (programmers). This means your website designer may not have incorporated these SEO […]