SEO: Why It’s Critical to Your Spa Website Success, Part II

Jennifer Dickens

My last post defined search engine optimization (SEO) and some of the important aspects that “perfectly optimized” web pages incorporate. This post will discuss SEO best practices.

Many website designers are not trained in search engine optimization nor are they website developers (programmers). This means your website designer may not have incorporated these SEO elements into your website. If you ask your website designer about the above topics and they cannot speak as an authority on these topics, then there is a good chance your website is not optimized with these critical elements to make it easy for individuals in your community looking for spa and wellness services to find you.

Here are some SEO Best Practices Whole Life Marketing employs to help your website Rank on page #1 of search engines:

1. Content – you need to have compelling, high quality material that not only attracts interest, but compels visitors to share the information. Virality of content is possibly the most important/valuable factor in the ranking equation because it will produce the highest link conversion rate (the ratio of those who visit to those who link after viewing).

2. Basic On-Page Elements – getting the keyword targeting right in the most important elements (titles, URLs, internal links) provides a big boost in the potential ability of a page to perform well.

3. Accessibility – content engines can’t see or access your website to be indexed; thus crawl-ability is foremost on this list.

4. User Experience – the usability, user interface and overall experience provided by a website strongly influences the links and citations it earns as well as the conversion rate and browse rate of the traffic that visits.

5. Marketing – I like to say that “great content is no substitute for great marketing.” A terrific marketing machine or powerful campaign has the power to attract far more links than content may “deserve”.

6. Advanced/Thorough On-Page Optimization – applying all of the above with careful attention to detail.

7. Content Freshness – frequently updating your website with new relevant content.

At Whole Life Marketing we understand if all this information is a soup of technical words and terms. We know your expertise is as a healing practitioner or spa owner not a website SEO and development expert. Whole Life Marketing has been supporting spas like yours for years, enabling people to find healing modalities and spas. Call us at 310-418-3855 or email us today to receive a FREE 1-hour marketing and SEO consultation. We are here to support you in your vision and mission and hope you’ll consider us part of your growth team.


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