Take Your Spa to the Next Level with Wellness Coaching

Marti Morenings

In my last post, I offered a few tips for integrating wellness programs into spa. One of my recommendations was to partner with complementary wellness practitioners such as wellness coaches. This is one of the best ways to make a lasting impact on your clients’ lives. In fact, wellness coaching is one of Spa Finder’s Top Ten 2012 Global Trends. According to the report, all types of coaching, whether it is beauty, sleep, or wellness, are expected to be big this year.

For the past few weeks, we have been researching how spa professionals can begin providing coaching services for their clients. Fortunately, I have had some great advice from industry consultants and wellness coaches working with spas. Here are some of their comments:

Canadian-based Kathryn Stolle, president of Total Spa Concepts commented on Spa Insider, “Wellness coaching will provide those spas savvy enough to make the effort with a competitive edge in a market that is moving steadily in that direction. Those who embrace it will stay ahead of the game.”

Certified Health Coach Tamara Hayes, Owner of Green & Healthy writes in from LinkedIn, “Utilizing a certified health coach in your spa- especially one trained in integrative wellness and nutrition- could help expand your integrative wellness offerings and workshops greatly, as well as giving your clients the ability to get educated and involved to an even greater extent. My background is in the cosmetology and the medical fields, and they are integrated into my health coaching.”

“The Biggest challenge is awareness,” says Stacy Conlon, a marketing consultant and wellness coach working at SenSpa. “Spa-goers do not understand what wellness coaching is and what it can do for them. There is a huge learning curve.”

In my next post, look for some concrete strategies from Stacy on building awareness of wellness coaching in a spa environment. Please let us know if you are making wellness coaching work in your spa!

2 Responses to “Take Your Spa to the Next Level with Wellness Coaching”

  1. Charlie Wills Says:

    Visit Charlie Wills

    Thanks, we do Wellness consulting at the Westin in Cancun now. It’s working great, sometimes takes 2 to 3 hours for the guest to understand. With mnay women on sleep, stress, anxiety medications it is quite tricky at times do to their personal health issues and anger with Life, and lots of people around them..
    If you need a good laugh go see me before picture at http://www.TheWillsSystem.com

  2. Marti Morenings Says:

    Visit Marti Morenings

    Thanks for your comment Charlie. I was curious if you continue your wellness coaching after the client leaves the resort and returns home?

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