Become an Industry Thought Leader: Nominate Yourself for Universal Companies’ Advisory Board!

Nancy Griffin

Are you one of those people who like to get your hands on the latest and greatest? If you are a current customer of Universal Companies and operate a spa or consulting firm, you could be chosen as a member of Universal Companies’ first ever customer Advisory Board.

The Universal Companies’ Advisory Board is a great opportunity to showcase your talents. Share your opinions on new products and equipment and provide recommendations for enhancements on existing products. Stay on the leading edge of industry innovations. Network with like-minded industry experts.

Want more? Advisory Board members will receive editorial credit on Universal Companies’ website and in the Spa-Insider blog and newsletter. Sounds dreamy…right?

Click here to nominate yourself. Membership of the Advisory Board is strictly advisory and voluntary. Advisory Board meetings will take place quarterly via phone/web-conferencing. Members may be asked to provide input via email or telephone call periodically.


Hurry! The deadline for submission is December 23.

3 Responses to “Become an Industry Thought Leader: Nominate Yourself for Universal Companies’ Advisory Board!”

  1. Jeri Cash Says:

    Visit Jeri Cash

    Consultant, Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Esthetics Instructor

  2. Jan Rossi Says:

    Visit Jan Rossi

    Hi Lisa!
    I saw your post on LinkedIn and thought I would nominate myself as I have 15 years experience in owning and managing my own 2000 square foot day spa. I closed it in April 2010, however I stay current in the industry.

    My website provides needed advice to spa goers, estheticians, massage therapists and many local spas here as well. I currently advise day spa owners on many facets of owning a business.

    I design websites, Facebook Pages, Twitter set-ups and much more now with my small marketing firm. I was very successful with my online marketing, so after closing the spa I continued on in that regard.

    My marketing firm site is

    I had requested to speak at the Day Spa Association meetings a few years back, but was not accepted as they were using the same old people all the time. It was frustrating for me to see the same old speeches and mindset. I have a good marketing sense and I love the spa industry.

    If I can assist in any capacity….please consider me. I know that one simple business decision can make or break a lovely day spa. I would love to be able to help guide day spa owners towards success.

    Thank you for considering me. If you would like to speak to me call 970-672-7906.

    Jan Rossi
    Fort Collins, CO

  3. Lisa Sykes Says:

    Visit Lisa Sykes

    Hi Jan and Jeri,

    Thank you so much for your interest. To nominate yourself, go to . From there, you will be able to access the form.

    In the meantime, I will certainly pass along your interest.

    Thanks so much!

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