Realities of Social Media

Nancy Griffin

The SpaExec event in Sonoma, CA featured an excellent panel entitled “realities” of social media. The panel of social media experts included Jamie Ginsberg with SpaSmart, Stacy Bergdahl of Berglon Marketing Agency, Blanca Caballero of AvantGard Spa, and Michael Martello with Demandforce. All the panelists agreed that social media has changed the marketing landscape forever. Although the time commitment involved in social media is substantial, savvy spa operators MUST join the party.

Here are some more tidbits from the panelists:

Fake it ‘til you make it: Bottom line, you must jump in and get started with social media. “Don’t be afraid to copy,” says Jamie Ginsberg. “Emulate others and you will find your voice over time.” Go forward and tweak as you go along. If your blog or Facebook post gets comments and “likes”—keep on that path. If ideas you find revelatory fall on deaf ears, change it up!

Speak in a personal voice: It can be dangerous to delegate your social media to your staff or an outside firm. “It is your brand and your story,” said Blanca Caballero. “I would spend as much time watching what my staff are posting. Social media is a party and I show up.” Tell stories. Be real so your audience can connect with you. “Have fun and be playful,” said Stacy Bergdahl. “People like to do business with people they like.”

Manage your online reputation: Spas cannot hide their heads in the sand and ignore their online review on Yelp and other sites. “Consumers are talking to you online whether you like it or not,” said Mike Martello. “Listen and get involved in the conversation.” All the panelists recommended following both positive and negative reviews. Negative reviews can give you insights into operational issues and can also be a great opportunity to try to rectify the situation.

How much time are you investing in social media? Are you seeing benefits from your efforts?

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