Evidence Based Medicine Portal for Spa and Wellness Therapies

Marti Morenings

Did you know there is hard science backing the efficacy of spa treatments? Plenty of data exists that will give you the evidence you need to show your clients the medical and healing benefits of the services you are providing to them. The Global Spa Summit has created a new tool that will make it easy for you, your staff, and even your clients to access this online data, the world’s first Evidenced Based Medicine Portal for Spa and Wellness Therapies!

With thousands of studies evaluating the benefits of treatments like massage, meditation, acupuncture, and more, this portal makes it easy to search for the most relevant and authoritative sources of the ever-mounting medical evidence that currently exists. You can select from 22 of the most popular spa treatments and view all the studies available for each treatment, or you may narrow your search to view only a few hand-selected studies.  For example, here are just a few of the studies that you can access on massage treatments:

A Single Session of Swedish Massage Therapy Produces Measurable Biological Effects

Weekly Massage Treatments at Work Significantly Reduced Employee Strain and Blood Pressure

Moderate Versus Light Pressure is Essential for Massage Therapy Benefits  

Massage Participants Exhibited Less Migraine Frequency and Better Sleep Quality

Massage Reduces Nausea in Women with Breast Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy

You can also take a look at the research studies/clinical trials that are currently underway–where they’re being conducted, which health conditions/issues are being investigated, and how you can even get involved.  From this link, you can view 155 studies being conducted right now on massage therapy alone.

With an increasing number of medical experts focusing on the benefits of staying healthy, more clinical trials on spa and wellness approaches are happening more today than ever before.  This incredible new tool will empower you and your staff, keeping you current on the latest evidence available.  

You can access the portal via www.globalspasummit.org at the moment.  And later, in July, you will also be able to access it via www.spaevidence.com.  In addition, feel free to link to it through your website if you wish to make it available to your visitors.  An icon for that purpose should be available soon, and you will be able to find it on the Spa Evidence website.

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