Increase Your Sales with Smart Sampling

Ellen Clark

During  our new Control Corrective Skincare Systems rebranding launch, we invested in some terrific  samples, and we happily give these attractive multi-dose tubes away to very appreciative customers. Everyone likes to try a product before making an investment in it, and while this is one of the reasons we give out samples, it isn’t the only one.

I’d like to make an argument for sampling more in the spa.  Even when clients buy a product, I suggest you give them additional samples, every time.  In his marketing book Free Prize Inside, Seth Godin makes the compelling argument that we have to do something “extra” to engage our customers.  Sampling is one easy way to do that, and it often encourages brand loyalty.

Recently, I was in Nordstrom purchasing a gift for a friend in the cosmetics department.  I was surprised to find out that they no longer readily offer samples–they’re very discretionary.  Then, I went to Sephora, and it was the complete opposite.  In fact, they even gave me a perfume sample, sprayed from a tester.  I loved it. 

Find a way to sample!  Build it into your cost of marketing.  It could go further than a full page ad or some of the other marketing initiatives you use. Sampling increases your sales and may provide a longer term return on investment. 

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