Is Your Spa Poised for Prevention?

Nancy Griffin

There has been a lot of talk in our industry lately about the spa’s role in preventing disease. Spa environments provide obvious wellness benefits such as relaxation and relief from stress. Spa treatments (properly executed) offer a host of physical benefits including increased circulation, lymph drainage, and decreased inflammation. Are you communicating the benefits of spa treatments to your prospects and clients?

Here are some things to consider as you position your spa for prevention:

Demand and Demographics

Consider your audience when marketing prevention and wellness. Certain segments of the population are pre-disposed to take control of their own health.  Are your current clients/patients telling you they want services that have therapeutic value and promote healthy aging?  Have they expressed that they want to feel and look well long after leaving the spa?  If the majority of your clientele are stopping in for a quick wax or manicure, chances are they are not going to want to address deeper issues such as their stress level or struggles with weight loss.

Communicating Wellness

Do you as a spa owner or manager truly understand the power of your spa offerings? If you don’t believe in the power of spa treatments to prevent illness, you can be sure your clients won’t either. Make sure that your spa treatments are focused on results and not simply pampering. Add value with home care tips and products to sustain healthy efforts. Before you look elsewhere for “wellness programs,” hone your spa treatments to provide results and communicate the benefits of your offering in-spa and online.

Resources and Revenues

Should you decide your treatment menu needs an overhaul, carefully evaluate what services and you can reasonably offer within your budget and space limitations. When judging return on investment, don’t forget intangible results such as client loyalty, repeat business, and the goodwill attached to transforming someone’s life. Aside from the immediate financial return from your wellness investment, consider your long term strategy and how you will differentiate from the competition.

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  1. Cara Says:

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    We service mainly Generation X and Y at our spa. I, myself, fall within the Gen X age group. It happened naturally that I attracted and kept clients in this age bracket. We could relate to one another. There isn’t really a need to talk about illness, aging and weightloss as of yet. But as we all grow older and they remain our clients, there will be avenues to offer more anti-aging services.

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