Engage Your Staff and Help Find a Cure!

Marti Morenings

Everyone wants to make a difference when it comes to finding a cure for breast cancer, especially the natural healers who make up your core spa staff.  How can you ignite their natural passion and contribute in a meaningful way to support breast cancer research, treatment, and education that makes a difference?  Join thousands of spa professionals in the “Ask Me Why We’re Wearing Pink Gloves” breast cancer campaign. It’s fun, it’s heart warming, and it demonstrates to your clients that you care about fighting the disease that is killing our mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends in record numbers. 

To make it simple for you to quickly implement, we’ve created everything you need to engage your team.  And there is no cost to you.  Here is how to start:

1) Substitute our Pink Gloves for your standard white vinyl gloves and wear them in your spa to make a fashion statement at the same time!   You can order your Pink Gloves for professional use by calling 800-558-5571 or by visiting www.universalcompanies.com   


2) Display our free “Ask Me Why We’re Wearing Pink Gloves” marketing material in your spa or on your website, and talk to your clients about the many uses of pink vinyl gloves in their own homes.  Wouldn’t they look more fashionable cleaning the grill, washing the dog, chopping garlic, or working in the garden wearing Pink Gloves?  So encourage them to purchase a box of gloves from www.thepinkglove.com

That’s it! 

For every box of gloves sold, Universal Companies will donate $1.00 to City of Hope.  Imagine what we can accomplish if we all work together to make this happen. City of Hope needs the resources to find the cure to end this destructive disease.  They are getting close, and with our help, this may be the year! You and your staff can help us make it happen!

The images below are a couple of samples of the marketing materials you’ll be provided.

Tent Card


Counter Card

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