AvantGard Spa Turns Spa Treatments into Multi-Cultural Journeys

Nancy Griffin

I don’t know about you, but I’m noticing that many spas are stepping up their game and creating “wow” factors in the treatment room. One day spa owner who is always ahead of the pack is Blanca Caballero, owner of AvantGard Spa. “We take our guests on a relaxing getaway journey with culturally themed, uniquely named treatment rooms that bring guests to another country and practice.”

The design of each and every treatment room at AvantGard’s has been given thought and attention. The treatment rooms are inspired by Blanca’s international travels. Each of the ten themed rooms features special touches like handcrafted Balinese figures, Moroccan lamps, and a 60-year-old Japanese kimono.

AvantGard used Spa Pantry to develop custom treatments and signature menus. Combining active ingredients, essential oils, herbs and exfoliants with base carriers, muds or masks, the spa is able to develop custom products to target clients’ individual needs. Client’s “relaxology” journey begins at the Wellness Blending Bar using Spa Pantry and ESS Essential Oils. Massage therapists concoct specialized tea blends, salts and herbs in a show-and-tell format.

Tell us about your spa’s journey to wellness. How are your spa treatments beating the low-cost massage alternatives? Smart spa operators that think outside the box—share your stories!

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