Prayers and Blessings at the Padmasana Temple

Marti Morenings

The Balinese often pray as an act of worship and gratitude, and their commitment and sincerity is a beautiful thing to witness.  Most homes and businesses have temples of varying sizes so that their frequent prayer rituals can be respected.  The Padmasana Temple, located on the COMO Shambhala Estate, is primarily for employees and Hindu guests.  We were invited to join their blessing ceremony ritual which included prayers to the sun god, Surya, giving thanks for the power of light and life to the planet.  Attendees received the appropriate attire for the ceremony: sarong and sash for the women and sarong and udeng for the men. 

Kerstin Florian, Mia Kyricos, James O'Hara, Marti, Tom Johnston and Roberto Arjona


Blessings ceremony

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