Expanding My Horizons & Pursuing My Passions: A Personal Note

Marti Morenings

After having devoted 100% of my time to Universal Companies for more than 25 years, I decided recently to relinquish my day to day hands-on involvement to allow myself more time to pursue my personal interests. This doesn’t mean that my love for the spa industry has waivered—quite the contrary.  I remain as devoted to it and our customers as I have always been.

As the founder of Universal Companies, my commitment has never been stronger. My ownership position and overall leadership will not change, and in fact, I have invested a considerable amount of capital over the last couple of years to ensure our future growth and expansion. I leave the actual operations in the capable hands of our CEO Pat Campbell, who has guided us through this recession so that we are not only stronger financially, but also stronger as a team.  My goal was always to create a company that could be sustainable for many years into the future without my full-time involvement so that I could eventually proceed with my personal goals. Pat has developed a world class management team and a working environment that encourages personal growth and responsibility, and it feels great knowing that this team will continue offering you the customer service and innovation you have come to expect from Universal Companies.

Although I am no longer engaged in day to day operations, I will still be involved  in Universal Companies’ strategy by reporting trends that I am seeing and providing insights “from the other side of the fence” as a spa consumer!

As always, I feel very passionate about the spa industry. I’m attending the Global Spa Summit  in Bali this year and have extended my trip to a couple of amazing eco-resorts focusing on spirituality and wellness. I look forward to sharing stories and photos from this trip with Spa Insider readers. 

In addition to my month in Bali, I’ll be doing some amazing eco-adventure travel this year, including a trek to Peru. I’m also cultivating my passion for wind and solar technology and I’ve joined the board of a local school that helps learning disabled and autistic children.

My sincere wish is that you gain insights from my personal journey and feel encouraged to share your own journeys!

Yours in Health,


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