Faith Popcorn Encourages Attendees to “Be Successful with What is Coming”

Nancy Griffin

Trend oracle Faith Popcorn was frank yet positive on Day Two of the ISPA Conference. Her overriding message was that spa professionals learn to be successful with what is coming—and that means change. “Align your brand and business to the emerging future. Seek future forward wisdom and have the guts to act on it.”

Popcorn’s BrainReserve shows that people across the globe are more stressed than ever. “The flood is coming,” said Popcorn. “Spas are in the right place. People are going to need spas more than ever.”

BrainReserve predicts that “the Consumer is Dead: Long Live Human Beings who seek substance over superficiality. “

  • 95% feel that wealth does not equal happiness.
  • 90% are opting for a simpler life
  • 72% want to remove clutter from their lives

“We are in the midst of a social revolution,” says Popcorn. “We are annoyed, nasty, rage, angry, upset—we’re looking for a transport to safety. There is a breakdown of community, an erosion of support systems. We are touch deprived. There is a craving for connection. We are looking for reinvention, renewal, inspiration, and elevation. Bring a human touch–listen and respond.”

Popcorn predicts a “SheChange”—a decade of feminine energy fueled by money, power and compassion. “Woman have all the money globally,” said Popcorn. “They are putting off marriage and running companies. In one out of five American homes, the man is children’s primary caregiver.”

What are some of the ways you create connection and become the calm in your client’s storm?

2 Responses to “Faith Popcorn Encourages Attendees to “Be Successful with What is Coming””

  1. Blanca Caballero Says:

    Visit Blanca Caballero

    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you a fantastic post. AvantGard Spa will be here when the “floods come”, we will provide a human touch, a listening ear and a way for clients to relax and connect.

    Keep up the good work!

    Blanca Caballero
    AvantGard Spa
    Spa Owner/Director

  2. Marti Morenings Says:

    Visit Marti Morenings

    Thank you Nancy! I was not able to attend ISPA this year, and really would have liked to have heard Faith Popcorn’s message…I’ve always found her predictions so very reliable. I appreciate your report, which I’m happy to see bodes very well for our spa industry. And of course I like the idea of ‘She-change’ which I think will produce a productive balance between capitalism and compassion.

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