Why Pink Gloves?

Marti Morenings

Six years ago I was honored to be a on a fund raising committee for City of Hope, a bio-medical research and treatment center located just outside of  Los Angeles dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and other life threatening diseases.  Having toured the facility and getting to see firsthand the progress that this world renown biomedical research center was making, I was happy to commit my time to help raise funds to further their great work.  I have lost some wonderful women in my life, including my own mother, to breast cancer, and the thought of helping in some small way, especially with an organization that truly believes there is a cure, it’s time well spent. 

We were able to raise a few thousand dollars that year, but it just didn’t seem like enough, so I began to think about the possibilities of how Universal Companies could use its 28,000+ loyal clients, its 300+ vendors, and its 120+ caring employees to create a sustainable campaign that could generate substantial donations, not just once, but year after year.   After all, doesn’t it make sense for our nurturing industry professionals, who are serving the clients in the demographic most affected by breast cancer, to join in to help find a cure?  I knew that if we could create a product that everyone could use, and if we made sure all the profits were being donated (not just a few pennies), a lot of money could be generated. 

After brainstorming with our product development team, the idea of the Pink Glove was born.  In October 2006, thousands of spas across the country began replacing their standard white vinyl gloves with Pink Gloves to show their customers that they were helping to raise funds for breast cancer research. Over the years, similar pink glove campaigns have sprung up in the health care industry, such as the original pink glove dance and the live performance of the pink glove dance.

This year, we would like to ask for your help with a very special campaign called “Ask Me Why We’re Wearing Pink Gloves”.  In this campaign, we are asking spa professionals across the country to wear the Pink Gloves while performing spa treatments and then to encourage their spa clients to purchase their own box of Pink Gloves to use for household chores in their homes.  Our vision is that spa professionals across the country will become the promoters of this do-good campaign and challenge their clients to go to www.thepinkglove.com to purchase their own box of Pink Gloves. After all, vinyl gloves have many practical uses at home.

Imagine how much we can donate if millions of consumers begin to wear Pink Gloves?  There are 100 gloves per box, each box costs $7.95, and Universal Companies donates $1.00 for each box sold to support City ofHope.  If each person purchases just one box, the impact can be tremendous. 

Since 2006, over $100,000 dollars has already been donated through the Pink Glove campaign, and we feel that is only the beginning. 

Will you embrace our vision and help us this year to find a cure?

All you have to do is contact Universal Companies at 1-800-558-5571 to purchase your own Pink Gloves to wear at the spa.  While you are on the phone, ask about the free marketing material that we can send you to help you encourage your clients to order their own pink gloves at www.thepinkglove.com.  It’s that simple. Just think of the possibilities!

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