Spas2b Inspired By: Part II, Lessons Learned

Leslie Lyon

With the many inspirational spa experiences available to us, there must also be the lessons learned…

In a recent spa visit, as I stood showering the mud off my body, I took note of how important it was for me to remember to NEVER locate a see-through glass shower door in line with the entrance to the treatment room, especially if the room is off a busy hallway. This is not a spectator sport people! I just happened to be stepping out of the shower, when my therapist was walking back into the room, and the small group of co-workers that were walking down the hallway with her, at that moment, became intimately aware of my exact body measurements.

And if your client (unfortunately) has to get their robe on to travel to a nearby shower in order to clean off a sugar or seaweed wrap, make sure you purchase reversible robes. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than having to put the robe back on after you’re showered clean, and feel the scratch of the exfoliant all over again.

Oh, and always have your signage prominently displayed. When you don’t know the spa that well yet, accidentally walking into the men’s change room from the co-ed wet floor could be (and was) embarrassing!

When you are told there needs to be ½” slope towards the drain, per foot, in your Vichy Shower Room, believe it! Because when the excess water cascading out of your 6-head vichy shower comes streaming out the door and down your hallway, somebody, somewhere, will be in very deep doo-doo.

If you are opening or renovating your spa, investigate thoroughly, your lighting needs. If need be, lay down on the floor where your treatment table is going to be, and imagine where the lights should go, and what type of light there should be. Trust me, you don’t want pot lights (without dimmers!) directly above your client’s face, as they attempt to relax under the glaring spotlight.

Never give your client a pair of rubber flip flops after a pedicure, or any kind of creamy foot massage for that matter…unless of course you want her to slide down the hallway and maybe even right out of those flip flops onto her derriere!

Repeatedly, the biggest lesson learned for me, is taking the time to plan my spa outings in advance of the trip. In Sedona and Tucson, Arizona, I missed out on both Mii amo and Canyon Ranch spas because of my poor planning. Fortunately, the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon was a takeaway of such grand proportions, that it replaces all of my unfortunate scheduling malfunctions!

I could go on and on, but what I’d like to know is what’s inspires you? Or what lessons have you learned? I’d love to hear your responses.

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